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What goes wrong in negotiation?

I am always fascinated to hear where people feel their negotiations go off-track.

Having trained thousands of leaders and managers over many years, very familiar themes keep resurfacing.

With the advent of Covid, many negotiations are now being held virtually – bringing a whole new level of difficulty. When you are not with the other party in person your brain has to work much harder interpreting body language through a small jerky zoom image.

It is not so easy to pick up those micro signals we intuitively process when sitting in the same room.

That is where “zoom fatigue” comes from – our brains are working much harder to be engaged, and to engage the other party.

Below are some of the biggest Negotiation stumbling blocks. Please vote to let us know what your top 4 are Vote Here

·      Lack of self-confidence

·      Emotions take over

·      Intransigence or ultimatums

·      They don’t understand your value-add

·      Negotiating with the wrong person (not the decision-maker)

·      Dealing with the unexpected

·      Giving away too many concessions

·      Aggressive behaviour

·      Getting beaten down on price

Most of us don’t understand that there is a process to Negotiation. We go in under-prepared and get hit-and-miss results.

Neuroscience answers the question why should I behave like this and not like that? When we understand “why”, this drives real behaviour change and a desire to truly embrace new ideas to deliver business excellence.

Knowing what drives non-conscious behaviours can prevent misunderstanding, miscommunication and take self confidence, relationships and Negotiation success to a whole new level.

Join us on 16th September at 11am UK BST to learn how you can benefit from understanding Neuroscience at the Negotiation table and avoid these stumbling blocks.

You can register to attend the session here: Register to attend Black Belt Negotiation for Business Leaders

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