Project leadership

Project leadership

Essential skills for anyone involved in projects

Today’s projects need inspiring and innovative leaders who can motivate their team to success, taking control of anything that’s thrown at them. They must not only understand what can jeopardise profitability but also be attuned to opportunities for future business.

This programme is challenging, reflective and questioning

We create skilled project leaders who are demanding – and achieving – the highest standards of themselves and their team.

Using the total immersion approach we ensure new skills translate into business success. That’s why over 80% of what’s learnt on the programme is transferred to the workplace, compared to less than 30% of traditional training methods.

Deal directly with the issues that can derail any project

Centred around a powerful simulation delegates will experience confused roles, scope and objectives, in-fighting and unexpected complications.

By learning from their mistakes they’ll develop into top class project leaders who can anticipate most issues, and even prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Project leadership programme benefits

  • Work in a “joined-up” way to ensure a common culture, values, objectives and goals, regardless of cultural background
  • Exceed business and customer expectations, ensuring on-time, to-budget delivery
  • Motivate the team, enhancing project productivity
  • Communicate in a timely and effective manner with all project stakeholders
  • Provide life-time value by generating future and repeat business
  • Understand the link between risk and profitability and how to control it

Watch a short video filmed during a training session

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