Black belt negotiation

Black belt negotiation

Imagine bringing in an extra £27,000 every month. These are the results of hundreds of professionals we’ve trained

Black Belt Negotiation has a proven record of success, adopted by many multi-national companies, including HSBC, The Kier Group, American Express, Parsons and Siemens. Our techniques help to reduce costs, improve project delivery, win new business, increase profit…and build lasting relationships with key trading partners.

Black Belt Negotiator Benefits

All attendees will:

  • see an immediate impact on their ability to secure win-win deals
  • understand how the best negotiators create that all-important emotional buy-in
  • have the confidence to present their case with compelling impact
  • use win-win negotiation techniques to achieve better long-term relationships
  • spot the most common negotiators’ tricks and counter them
  • stop getting beaten down on price and making unnecessary concessions.

Available live and online

Did you know our world-renowned Black Belt Negotiation is available as a webinar?
Including specialist techniques on negotiating virtually.

We can offer your team vital skills, based on neuroscience research, at a time when consultations and negotiations will be increasingly important for the sustainability of your business.

When face-to-face meetings aren’t possible, we’ll guide your people on how to negotiate effectively via phone and video call.

Want to learn more? Email to arrange a call.

TV interview – neuroscience of negotiation

Best Course … Fantastic … Really beneficial

Black Belt Negotiator graduates save well over $30,000/month by using neuroscience to discover the hidden forces at work. You will be astounded by what you can achieve. Described as ‘head and shoulders above the rest’, Black Belt Negotiator has a proven record of success and is used within companies such as HSBC, American Express, The Kier Group, Mace, Emirates, Dana Gas and Siemens to reduce costs, generate new business and increase profit.

Five steps to become a Black Belt Negotiator

Prepare: know what you want and prepare psychologically. Always negotiate as an equal partner, don’t assume they have the upper hand

Discuss: listen to what the other party wants and find out their ‘hidden’ interests. Dig under the surface to discover the powerful undercurrents.  What are the tradeables that are low cost to you, but high value for them?

Propose a deal that suits both sides.  Make sure you get something in return for any concession that you might have to give

Trade: refine the deal and know how to spot any tricks that may be used to undermine your position

Close: complete the deal with confidence that you’ve entered a long-term mutually profitable relationship

Unleash your inner negotiating ninja


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