Mindset training

Mindset training

Ever wondered why some people seem to enjoy unlimited success and talent?

Do you believe that these people were born lucky and that others are limited by their abilities and lack of talent?

Think again! The latest neuroscience and positive psychology research shows that success and outstanding performance are within everyone’s grasp because intelligence and ability can actually grow!

Sadly, most of us are not aware of this. We are prone to limiting ourselves and those we work with. As a result our brains become wired to react the same old way ­ day in, day out. Our mindset becomes ‘fixed’.  How many times have you heard ‘attitude is everything’, but however hard you try you can’t change your thinking. You are stuck in a ‘fixed mindset’.

Managers: change your mindset and transform your performance

Research shows that managers with a growth mindset can double the productivity of their staff, compared with fixed mindset colleagues.

By learning and applying the latest techniques you CAN transform your mindset from ‘fixed’ to ‘growth’ and harness the power seen so often in successful people. Our mindset training will challenge you to unlock barriers and develop an ethos that brings success, happiness and fulfilment throughout the workplace.

Assess your mindset

Our assessments reveal deeply rooted insights that determine essential high performance traits and those that will accelerate or hinder performance related to specific positions. It also reveals a person’s work preferences and behavioural competencies that pinpoint the developmental opportunities and career planning to achieve personal satisfaction and measurable job performance.

Sample Reports

Sample Leader Assessments

Mindset training benefits

Our mindset training has been developed using the latest neuroscience and positive psychology research into how intelligence and talent can actually grow . We have helped hundreds of managers from companies such as Emirates Airlines, John Rowan and Partners, Emerson and Qatar Stock Exchange.

After the course managers will:

  • Reduce blame and fear in the workplace to create a fertile environment that encourages best efforts, creative thinking and problem solving
  • Generate confidence and self belief in their workforce; instilling a desire to succeed and push boundaries
  • Coach their people and hold them accountable to deliver the goods
  • Give others ownership for their results, allowing them to learn from their own mistakes
  • Demand people’s best efforts ­ and celebrate their success

By contrast fixed mindset managers tend to:

  • Create a judgemental environment that inhibits people’s willingness to contribute, resulting in poor engagement levels and low productivity
  • Micromanage, stifling growth and development of their staff
  • Are opinionated, give directives and showcase their own knowledge and intelligence
  • Jump in to ‘save the day’ ­ depriving staff of learning opportunities, accountability and responsibility
  • Fail to get people’s best efforts and take credit for others’ achievements

Break through those seemingly intractable problems and create new results as seen by our clients…

“Tom’s unique style in delivering Mindset Training has been life changing for me. The understanding of how the brain works, that it is not fixed and we all have the potential to achieve what we want has made me a happier person, our team stronger and the potential for our business unlimited. Thank you.”
Tim Young, Partner, John Rowan & Partners


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