Leadership development

Leadership development

Transform your managers into future leaders

This highly interactive, cutting edge programme is designed to unlock the profit-making potential of your managers. Based on the latest neuroscience research, our Leadership Development Programme will take your high-flyers to the next stage of their professional development.

Worldwide leadership development programme of choice

This innovative programme has been chosen by some of the world’s most successful corporations, including Unilever and HSBC.  We have helped them to create their future leaders, who have the skills and talent at their fingertips to drive the organisation forward with challenging business goals.

BAE employees were amazed by the latest neuroscience research Tom shared – watch their video

Leadership development programme benefits

Our highly interactive and practical course will show you how to:

  • Motivate and inspire your staff, give them the desire for greatness and achieve new levels of performance
  • Use your emotions intelligently to enhance leadership performance
  • Eliminate conflict and stress before they become damaging issues
  • Manage your time effectively, giving you the space to focus on business critical projects and avoid being side-tracked by low value tasks
  • Adapt your leadership style to face the unique challenges in your role
  • Become a powerful communicator who can lead others to new realms of success
  • Lead a team to exceed business objectives, working together towards shared goals

Assess your leaders

Our assessments reveal deeply rooted insights that determine essential high performance traits and those that will accelerate or hinder performance related to specific positions. It also reveals a person’s work preferences and behavioural competencies that pinpoint the developmental opportunities and career planning to achieve personal satisfaction and measurable job performance.

Sample Reports

Sample Leader Assessments

Breakthrough leadership programme overview

The Leadership Development Programme includes two days of highly interactive training per month, over several months. This is the most challenging, rewarding and results orientated future leaders training programme your people will face.

Your future leaders will be given work based assignments, coaching challenges and real life scenarios to take them out of their comfort zone with the effect of inducing rapid, large scale and long term change to the way they work. As part of the programme, each delegate will be taken on their own leadership journey. They’ll be set the challenge of a work-based project in an area that currently concerns them.

Each month your future leaders will build on their skills using our proven leadership development methods. The result is a group of highly successful leaders who leave the training room with the experience and development to put their new potential to immediate good use for your organisation.


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