Innovation and Strategic Problem-Solving

Journey in to new territory

Transform your thinking

For most of us, our education has been dominated by traditional analytical thinking with little room for creativity or imagination. Is it any wonder that work and projects are so often dominated by routine and one-dimensional thinking? It doesn’t have to be like this. We will take you on a journey to explore new territories to open up new possibilities in the ways you innovate and approach problems arising in your organisation.



Become an innovative, strategic problem-solver



Innovation and Strategic Problem-Solving outcomes

Harness the power of the brain, through neuroscience based approaches to innovation and problem-solving:

  • Double creative output and generate fresh ideas using simple, yet powerful techniques
  • Integrate and balance your intuitive and your analytical brain
  • Stop jumping to conclusions and battling with irrelevant details – focus on what’s important
  • Think strategically, challenge assumptions and find solutions that generate fast results
  • Inspire your team and other stakeholders to jump on board with your creative ideas
  • Develop new opportunities that create value for your business

Programme details

Need to inspire, innovate and achieve?

Complete our programme and start seeing immediate results

By applying our step-by-step, hands-on methods, our trainees are able to implement what they have learnt immediately. Throughout the programme, we concentrate on actual problems that your people are facing at work. They leave with clarity, focus and insight to solve the day-to-day issues that get in the way of a healthy, productive and creative working environment.

Unlock your full potential

We will help you discover new potential locked within your neglected intuitive brain. This provides the inspiration and imagination to look beyond the urgent and the obvious, and focus on the big picture, strategy and vision. We’ll show you how to integrate creativity, emotion and gut-feel with solid analysis and logic to solve problems and unlock new opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Get everyone on-board by considering all perspectives

Excessive debate and analysis can not only create bad feeling and disengagement, but can also stall or de-rail the decision-making process completely. We’ll teach your teams techniques to build solutions that combine the multiple perspectives of diverse stakeholders. This way everyone feels involved but also committed to the decision and the solution.

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Meet your programme leader – TOM FLATAU

Teaching online for over 15 years

As an experienced coach and trainer, Tom will guide you through this programme, offering unique insight from years of working with teams stuck with ‘tunnel vision’.

The step-by-step processes will relate directly to your organisation’s needs, using Tom’s vast international experience to help your team become more innovative and creative.


What our clients say

Rhiannon Thomas
Test Manager, HSBC
“Enables you to get to the heart of the issue and to know that you are solving the right problem.”
Reem Almutawaj Al-Mutawaj
Manager - Training & Development, Bahrain Islamic Bank
“It is exciting to think of the ways in which each employee contributes during this programme. Tom is able to create a comfortable environment while maintaining full participation at all times.”