High performing teams

High performing teams

Is your team in formation to succeed?

High Performing Teams is a highly interactive programme that generates teams fully charged to achieve their true potential.  What this means for your organisation is enhanced productivity, raised staff morale and ultimately greater business success.

Highly focused teams achieve superior business results

A high performing team depends on each and every member working together towards shared objectives.  The question is… how do you create a team where every person is motivated to achieve their best?  What will give them the desire to succeed, not only on a personal level but on a team performance level too?  Now there’s the challenge!

TWI has designed a powerful simulation that explores your team’s behaviour and truly gets to the heart of their working patterns. Based on latest insights from neuroscience and positive psychology we are equipping business leaders across the globe with new techniques to lead and influence others to produce new levels of organisational performance through cross-team collaboration – with astonishing results!

Expect to be thrown in at the deep end – experience real business scenarios and deal directly with the issues that affect team performance.  You’ll be faced with challenges and coached through effective solutions, resulting in radical change from day one back at work.

High performing teams programme benefits

  • Renewed inspiration and self-motivation to achieve team goals
  • A working environment where every team member can speak their mind and be fully listened to, even on sensitive issues
  • A team who can dissolve sources of conflict before they become damaging issues
  • The eradication of blame culture ­now everyone takes responsibility for effective teamwork
  • Effective communication at all levels with the ability to give and receive constructive feedback
  • The creation of a highly productive environment with every team working together on shared objectives
  • A workforce fully motivated to achieve success, with passion and pride in their job

Watch a short video filmed during a training session

Discover the secrets of building high performing teams

People will see first-hand how they behave when under stress, what they do when difficult problems arise and how they deal with conflict.  These insights will inspire the team to draw their own conclusions, transform the way they work together and ultimately bring about dramatic change in the workplace.


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