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My coaching changes people’s lives – both professionally and personally. I have so many success stories that continue to make me proud every single day.

Have you ever got to where you thought you wanted to be but felt dissatisfied once you arrived? I’ll help you identify what will bring you purpose, fulfilment and pleasure, so you not only arrive at your destination, but getting there will be a source of insight and contentment as well. It doesn’t have to be a struggle!

I promise that you’ll achieve things you never thought possible and get to places you never thought you’d reach. 

Especially at times of crisis and global transition, senior leaders need support to remain resilient, optimistic and upbeat because science tells us that emotions are contagious. Fear, negativity and ambiguity can unconsciously sap the energy from your team and stop them achieving too.

All coaching sessions can be delivered remotely with huge effectiveness, alongside one of the most powerful and insightful psychometric tools around.

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One-to-one executive coaching



One-to-one executive coaching

This is not ordinary coaching. This is mindset changing and brain re-wiring.

I promise that you will:

  • Discover your core purpose to provide meaning and direction
  • Uncover the blindspots that are unconsciously sabotaging you
  • Create positive new habits to keep you on track
  • Overcome adversity and build resilience
  • Look at your true strengths in a completely different way
  • Generate insights that will compel you to take action, with poise and confidence
  • Get you to where you want … and enjoy the journey

Too many of us, press ‘cruise control’, when we reach a certain position in our organisations. We no longer take risks or push ourselves. We stay in our comfort zone and life shrinks to fit within it… but it doesn’t have to be this way…

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Fed up with limitations and self-doubt?

I was told as a young boy that I wouldn’t succeed. “…your brother is the intelligent one”, was the message that hung over me. After years of carrying this around my schooling and university education, I eventually learned that I didn’t have to be a prisoner of this limiting belief.

Through my extensive neuroscience research and learning, I now help others shed limiting beliefs and adopt a growth mindset. The brain is built to adapt and rewire and I will show you exactly how.

Let me guide you, whilst you guide your teams

We all know it can be lonely at the top. It is harder to share concerns or anxieties when you are expected to lead, but it is so important that your people continue to get the best from you.

In my coaching, I bring to bear my own personal experiences which really knocked my confidence, both professionally and at home. I have had to learn resilience, in order to recover from difficult situations, and you will too.

Don’t let your future be limited by the past – speak to me today about how I can help you.

Ready to finally maximise your potential? Talk to me.

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“I promise I’ll help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.”

Meet your programme leader – CEO – Tom Flatau

Teaching and leading for over 20 years

As an experienced coach and trainer, Tom understands the importance of performance management – as well as its inherent danger.

By implementing his neuroscience-based techniques, Tom ensures the detail in this programme leads to real change. Improved performance becomes something for all to strive for. Utilize Tom’s vast international experience to help your managers and leaders motivate and develop their people.

becomes something for all to strive for. Utilize Tom’s vast international experience to help your managers and leaders motivate and develop their people.


What our clients say

Paul Mullett
Paul Mullett, Group Engineering and Technology Director, RBG
An incredibly powerful tool to build clarity, focus and confidence…seeing real and tangible results for both my employer and my career.
Ian White
Ian White, Regional Plant Manager, Menard Vibro
You really helped to improve and mould my leadership and coaching style, even today after over 20 years in management and leadership, always learning.