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Our Breakthrough Leadership Training Programme is life-changing. Underpinned by sound neuroscience principles, the programme enables teams to fulfil their potential, leading to personal and business transformation.

The programme is bespoke to your organisation. It addresses the unique challenges each team faces in a fast-changing world. Regardless of the business, we guarantee insights that lead to action and immediate, sustainable results. This highly interactive programme transforms managers and leaders, preparing them to take new skills and confidence back to the workplace to achieve new results.



Breakthrough Leadership PROMISE



Breakthrough Leadership PROMISE

  • Reduce blame and fear to create a fertile environment that rewards effort, initiative and collaboration
  • Generate confidence and self-belief, instilling a desire to succeed and push boundaries
  • Coach people to perform at their best and to strive for continual improvement
  • Create accountability; give others ownership and allow them to learn from mistakes
  • Inspire people’s best efforts – and celebrate their success

Everyone can be a successful leader

Have you tried leadership training programmes that sounded good but led to little change?

The latest neuroscience research shows that success and peak performance are within everyone’s grasp because talent and ability can actually grow. Our interactive delivery guarantees a safe environment where leaders can open-up and explore subconscious barriers to success.

Emotions exert a major influence on the way we deal with teams, employees, colleagues and customers.  We can’t divorce ourselves from the emotions that shape our thinking. They determine success or failure – without us even realising.

It’s not often you hear that a training programme has changed lives – read more in this case study:

Read how the team at Inspire Integrated adopted a growth mindset to boost interdepartmental collaboration and more efficient problem-solving:

Neuroscience explains ‘why’

All too often we are promised tools and techniques that claim to improve our leadership with little understanding of how or why they work. Neuroscience answers the question ‘why should I lead like this and not like that?’ Understanding why drives real behaviour change. It prevents misunderstanding and takes leadership to a whole new level. Your leaders will start to think and act differently – and that change will stick.

Immediate benefits

We focus on delegates’ day-to-day challenges and experiences to make the learning compelling and of immediate benefit. This triggers insight and action leading to the questions: ‘What will I do differently? How will I do this?’

Enhancing the mindset of your senior leaders is only the beginning – the skills learnt will filter down to their team members and throughout the organisation.

The programme consists of workshops, with exercises and buddy sessions between modules to really embed the learning.

Sign your team up today – invest in their future and that of your organization.

Now has never been a better time to unite your leaders

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Meet your programme leader – TOM FLATAU

Teaching online for over 15 years

As an experienced coach and trainer, Tom will guide you through this programme, offering unique insight from years of working with multi-national corporations and understanding human behaviour.

From neuroscience-based leadership techniques to effective team working during a time of crisis management, utilize Tom’s vast international experience to help your senior leaders perform at their best.


What our clients say

Alissa Malli
People & Culture Manager, Inspire Integrated
“All of our Executive Team participated...The individual and group coaching sessions have helped to improve our collaboration and communication as a team."
Kiran Thazhamon
Client Relations Officer, Atkins
"Tom’s training is focused on leading change by asking questions, focussing on solutions, autonomy in the office, welcoming challenges, developing a conscious leadership and positive reinforcement which are all mandatory attributes for continuous growth."
Paul Mullett
Group Engineering and Technology Director, RBG
“Tom’s approach is based on the practical application of neuroscience and includes simple but effective tools and lessons to improve the performance of both individuals and teams. One of the most insightful sessions for me was devoted to developing my ‘core purpose’…I found this an incredibly powerful tool to build clarity, focus and confidence."
Alan Penford
Associate, Robert Bird Group
“Attending Tom’s leadership training course has had a significant impact on both my professional and personal life, in particular learning about the concept of fixed mindset versus growth mindset. By challenging my fixed mindset approach, I have since begun to take on more technically complex work.”
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Amanda Davies
Senior Professional Support Lawyer (Head of Faculty), Centre for Legal Training
“I found Tom to be really knowledgeable on the subject and very well researched, incorporating lots of examples and latest industry thinking into the workshop…The workshop was delivered to senior professionals and gave us an appreciation of how to apply neuroscience thinking to how they manage and lead people and issues."