Black Belt Negotiation

How much are you leaving on the table?

Learn how to improve negotiation skills on our Black Belt Negotiation programme.

This is Team Working International’s most popular training programme. It will hone the negotiating skill of your entire team, providing them with various techniques propelling them to become masters at the negotiating table.

The result will be a confident team that closes deals, leading to increased profit and better working relationships.



Black Belt Negotiation



Black Belt Negotiation

  • You will receive a bespoke programme designed around your business following an in-depth pre-briefing.
  • The focus will be on overcoming the barriers that are preventing YOUR team from clinching the best deals.
  • Learn how to get the deal you want AND build better relationships.
  • Find out how applying the latest neuroscience research will give you the edge around the negotiating table.

Programme details

  • Learn the 5-step negotiating funnel, giving each member of the team a structured process.
  • Build confidence and negotiation skills in both face-to-face and remote customer interactions.
  • Use your resolve to embed and sustain negotiation performance in the long term.
  • Get the deal you want AND build better relationships.
  • See a return on your investment in less than one month.

“training gives you the drive and discipline you need to succeed”

Jade Jones, double Olympic Gold Medalist in Taekwando.

Our Black Belt Negotiation Programme looks at developing structure and discipline into your negotiating process. And, in other parallels with martial arts, your team will also learn to be prepared, controlled, confident and successful.


Neuroscience and negotiation

Thanks to the latest neuroscience research, we know more about the human brain and how we make decisions than ever before, but most of us are unaware of how to apply these new insights to negotiation.

Neuroscience sheds light on how certain negotiating behaviours unintentionally alienate the other side. In this highly interactive and scenario-based programme we will demonstrate why and introduce the most effective methods to use instead.

We emphasise the importance of long-term business relationships, focusing on tradeables and win-win solutions that keep both sides happy.

  • Understand the powerful emotional undercurrents at work and get to the real issues
  • Build confidence to present your case with compelling impact
  • Spot the most common negotiator tricks and counter them
  • Stop getting beaten down on price and making unnecessary concessions
  • Use win-win negotiation to build better relationships… and get the deal you want
  • Unleash your hidden super powers
  • Discover individual negotiation strengths and weaknesses through our smart online assessment.

Return on Investment

We know that this course is effective by evaluating the outcomes. This shows that you will have a return on investment within a month. One large organisation we worked with increased their global revenue by £14.8 million in the month after our training.

Whilst this was a particularly successful turnaround, on average the teams we have trained bring in an additional £27,000 every month.

Not only that, but we can show that teams’ confidence in negotiating increases:

Results of our evaluation of the last seven courses shows that the average confidence measure rose from 52% before the Black Belt Negotiation Programme to 72% afterwards.

Who we work with

The Black Belt Negotiation programme has been adopted by multi -nationals, including HSBC, The Kier Group, American Express, Parsons and Siemens. It has helped reduce costs, improve project delivery, win new business and increase profit…while at the same time building better relationships with key trading partners!


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What our clients say

David Marsh
CEO and Founder, Business Arena Limited
“Tom opened my eyes to the negotiation techniques that make the difference. I highly recommend Tom’s unique approach to helping people become much better negotiators”
Laura Paterson
Parsons Inc.
"Earned my black belt in the neuroscience of negotiation skills...a very useful workshop with clear explanations. I feel much more confident in my approach to closing deals and accepting offers.”
Aaron Hennessy
GM, Douglas OHI
“You may think you know it. You may feel you know it…but then you realise that there is so much to a better negotiation.”
Helen Patel
Business Development, CIOB
“Really engaging, thoroughly interactive…and all of the neuroscience was fantastic. Definitely take part in Black Belt Negotiation - I would take part again, I’ve loved it.”
Chris Moriarty
Managing Director UK & Ireland, Leesman
“Great, straight forward advice that can make a world of difference.”