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Training programmes, seminars and webinars that will engage your people and make a positive difference to your organisation.

Breakthrough Leadership_o

Developing Global Leaders

Is it time to discover what a united team can achieve? Unite your most talented individuals together and achieve more. Now is the time to move your organisation forward with confidence.

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Black Belt Negotiation

How much are you leaving on the table? Imagine bringing in an extra £27,000 every month. These are the results of hundreds of professionals we’ve trained!

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Leading Change

Bring your people with you. Utilise the power of incremental and corroborative change. 85% of executives cite change as critical to business success in these disruptive times.

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Innovation and Strategic_o

Innovation and Strategic Problem-Solving

Transform your thinking. For most of us, our education has been dominated by traditional analytical thinking with little room for creativity or imagination.

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Sales Mastery_o

Sales Mastery

Goodbye myths, hello science. Are you ready to connect better and sell more? We know more than ever before about the human brain, emotional intelligence and how we make decisions.

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Growth Mindset_o

Growth Mindset and Resilience

Gain insight and renewed motivation to act. The latest neuroscience research shows that success and peak performance are within everyone’s grasp because talent and ability can grow.

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Mastering Performance_o

Mastering Performance Management

Managing the performance of others requires a delicate balance. Support and empathy are critical whilst simultaneously demanding accountability for high standards of performance.

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Executive Coaching_o

Executive Coaching with Tom Flatau

Ready to have your mind blown? Tom Flatau’s coaching changes people’s lives – both professionally and personally. He has so many success stories that continue to make him proud every single day.

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Your aims. Our responsibility.

Whatever you want to achieve from a TWI training forms the basis of all we can do for you.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility to adapt our trainings to meet your requirements, time and budget.

All discussions, exercises and scenarios will directly relate to your organisation and your people’s experiences. We also provide follow up so that any new learning is instantly applicable and does not decay.

In any combination, we can provide:

One-to-one and group sessions

Multi-day programmes

Short introductions

Follow up tasks

Day seminars

Online learning support

All of our trainings are currently online, via Zoom, which have proven to be both effective and advantageous for many. They provide a safe and engaging learning environment.