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International Speaker and Coach

With a Masters in Business Analysis & Systems Design and as a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Tom Flatau combines business acumen and intimate knowledge of corporate culture with ground-breaking neuroscience research and brain-based coaching to transform the individual and deliver growth and profitability in world-class companies.

“I want to transform those with limiting beliefs in to world-class leaders”

My Story

“You’re good with your hands, but your brother is the intelligent one…”

That was something I was told often as a child. Having failed a major entrance exam at 11 years old and consigned to being ‘average’, I am living proof that anyone can be who they want to be and achieve a destiny beyond their dreams…exceeding the low expectation of others.

Drawing on ground-breaking neuroscience research and brain-based coaching methods, I transform the behaviours of teams and individuals to deliver growth, engagement and profitability within world-class companies.

With a Masters in Business Analysis & Systems Design and as a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, I combine business acumen with an intimate knowledge of corporate culture.  I am an accredited brain and behaviour specialist, with over 25 years experience, offering a series of world-renowned seminars to multi-national organisations, including HSBC, Louis Vuitton, Emirates, Siemens and Unilever.

Based on personal experience and sharing real-world examples, I have a passion for explaining – and overcoming –  the limiting beliefs, fixed mindsets and biases that thwart the potential of so many.

Executive Coaching with Tom Flatau

If you are guiding your teams, who is guiding you?

Tom specialises in coaching senior leaders. At a time of crisis and global challenges, senior leaders need support to remain resilient and make the best decisions for their teams.

Make sure that when you need to get the best out of your people, they get the best from you.

Speak to Tom about mindset – ensure it is healthy and resilient at this challenging time.

All coaching sessions can be done via telephone or video call.

Objectives of executive coaching

  • Maximise leadership potential through our unique mindset-approach
  • Generate confidence to lead change and bring people with you
  • Provide perspective through equal measures of challenge and support
  • Create accountability on key deliverables which have a direct impact on results
  • Generate insight and awareness to handle all team issues with poise and confidence
  • Individuals will also gain hands-on experience in how to coach their staff, ensuring that a coaching-culture is embedded within the whole organisation.
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“I want to transform those with limiting beliefs in to world-class leaders”

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Do you need an engaging workshop, a thought-provoking seminar or a game-changing keynote speech?

Tom’s enigmatic and thought-provoking style ensure key takeaways are remembered and put in to action. He mentors in culturally-relevant ways, adapting his speeches for global audiences. He will identify ways to establish tangible improvements in key business areas, including sales growth, profitability and employee retention.

Tom’s areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership and mindset development
  • Sales mastery
  • Leading change
  • Innovation and strategic problem-solving
  • Black belt negotiations

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``I have been inspired by Tom's unique and scientifically well-informed insights into the psychological and behavioural aspects we might sometimes overlook in ourselves and others``

British American Tobacco

Maxine Howe, Global Sourcing Manager

``Tom is an interactive and inspiring speaker. His training is focused on leading change by asking questions, focusing on solutions, autonomy in the office, welcoming challenges, developing a conscious leadership and positive reinforcement which are all mandatory attributes for continuous growth.

Atkins – Kiran Thazhamon

Client Relations Officer Design Engineering and Site Operations Middle East & Africa