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Are your people fully motivated and productive whilst working from home or remotely?

It’s hard enough keeping staff engaged under normal circumstances, but enforced remote working adds another level of complexity. It is difficult to keep track of how people are feeling; how engaged they are and what is motivating them to be productive during these uncertain times. Our Effective Remote Worker Engagement scheme uses a unique assessment which allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and show your people that you care!

Our 5-step Remote Worker engagement scheme:

  • Provides evidence-based engagement and fulfillment data
  • Caters for individual needs
  • Gives line managers information to hold meaningful one-to-ones remotely
  • Shows your employees that you care about them
  • Helps you display strong leadership during challenging times
  • Gives teams confidence to discuss their anxieties

Get the best out of your people and make sure they get the best from you.

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5 Step Engagement Programme

Ensure the engagement of your employees at challenging times

Looking for ways to engage your staff? We have the solution for you.

Use our unique assessment to take all of the guess work out of keeping your people fully motivated and productive when working remotely from home.

1 Send our unique psychometric questionnaire to your home-working employees

Unlike traditional assessments, we don’t put people ‘in boxes with labels’ based on personality. We help individuals to identify their key strengths, best roles and general derailers. The assessment also offers a reliability score to identify the percentage of answers your team give that are truthful and self-aware.

2 Receive an individualised engagement and fulfilment report for each member of staff

On completion of the questionnaire, we will prepare individual reports detailing results and discussing how to manage and develop individual members of staff. Each employee will also receive a copy.

3 Attend a two-hour webinar to learn how to interpret the reports

All line managers are invited to a two hour webinar where we explain in detail how to interpret the reports. Our assessments are not generic personality tests. You’ll be able to use them to help engage and motivate your people and cater for their individual needs whilst they’re working from home.

4 Schedule online one-to-ones with your people

Armed with their report and your confidence in interpreting the results, invite those you are responsible for to one-to-one calls. Discuss their needs, what motivates them and how you can best motivate and move them forward during this difficult time.

5 Run ‘pulse checks’  to monitor engagement and fulfilment levels

If client-facing work is slowing down and remote working continues for an extended period of time, it is vital that your people know you have their best interests at heart. Keep your finger on the pulse with regular motivation checks – a simple 2-minute online ‘update questionnaire’

Get the best out of your people by showing them that you really care

Meet your programme leader,
Tom Flatau

Teaching online for over 15 years.

As an experienced coach and trainer, Tom will guide you through this programme, offering unique guidance from years of great results with improving employee engagement.

From neuroscience-based leadership techniques to effective team working during a time of crisis management, utilize Tom’s vast international business experience to help you.

Learn more about Tom


Employee Engagement

I found this an incredibly powerful tool to build clarity, focus and confidence.

Paul Mullett
Group Engineering and Technology Director, RBG

We have used BP2W for the past 18 months and it has been invaluable in improving morale and employee engagement. The best part is that it is a simple tool to use for all your staff and the results provide measurable data that can be used to motivate your teams

Emirates Airline Group
Brendan Noonan, Senior Vice President Learning & Development

We have seen substantial improvements in morale, engagement and performance – It is a simple tool to use for all your staff and the results provide measurable data that can be used to motivate your teams.

Brendan Noonan
Senior Vice President Learning & Development Emirates Airline Group


Time is money, the more time you take, the less profit you will gain. TWI has helped us make a 65% increase in areas of performance such as time management and meeting deadlines and those changes have had a great impact on our profits

Bahrain Islamic Bank
Naif Al Nasser, Head of Sales

Hugely insightful and relevant. The most impactful and exciting learning experience I have had in recent years. Neuroscience - understanding the why behind what we do - massively enhances our capacity to use our emotional intelligence for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Retail Training Manager, Louis Vuitton

Tom Flatau worked with our UK executive team who came from a range of work backgrounds. The feedback was frank and open, and followed immediately by coaching.

It was a very positive and constructive experience. Tom helped to change the behaviours and culture within the team. It increased positive communication, helped to build confidence, highlihghted areas for development and eliminated false perceptions.

Jo Carnie
Business Managment Specialist, HSBC

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