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Connecting minds, creating the future


Is your organisation ‘EXPO 2020 ready’?

Expo 2020 will see an unstoppable flood of business into Dubai over the course of six months. There’s a lot to prepare – are you ready? Are your people ready? Will this be an opportunity for organisational growth or will you end up in A&E?!

‘Connecting minds, creating the future’

We have a crucial role in making Expo 2020 a success and leaving a legacy that lasts for generations. TWI is working across a wide range of industry sectors to ensure their potential benefits are maximised.

TWI can help your business be ‘Expo 2020 ready’, call us now on +44 (0) 1590 644 107 or email us info@team-working.com

Get ahead of the game …

TWI Leadership development

Transform your managers into leaders

Discover the latest neuroscience techniques behind great leadership. Our transformational leadership programme creates true leaders by unlocking the profit-making potential of your managers.

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Black belt negotiation2

Negotiate winning deals and build value

The internationally acclaimed Black Belt Negotiator programme uses science-based techniques that have made this course a huge hit. Revolutionise your ability to achieve a profitable outcome every time you make a deal.

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Dynamic sales skills

Smash your targets and prosper

Too many people get hit-and-miss results using out-of-date techniques that just cannot rival modern alternatives. By applying insights from neuroscience research, we will show you how to really boost your sales performance.

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Recruitment Solutions

Recruit and retain the best talent

Save up to 70% administration time with our talent management solution that aligns people’s qualifications, wants, needs, passions and goals to the requirements of the organisation and specific jobs.

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