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Neuroscience for business

Tom Flatau

TWI founder, internationally acclaimed speaker and consultant, Tom Flatau, empowers individuals and transforms futures by challenging and changing mindsets

Described as “powerful”, “vibrant”, “engaging”, “inspiring”

TWI founder, Tom Flatau, draws from personal experience as someone refused to be written off. Living proof that anyone can be who they want and achieve a destiny beyond their dreams…

 “I want to improve people’s working lives – to help them realise that their current abilities are no reflection of their potential”

“Neuroscience research has proved if we harness people’s potential, we can double their productivity. Imagine the benefits for the organisation…”

Why Tom’s in demand

Tom Flatau is highly sought after as an international speaker because he

  • digs deep into the DNA of organisations and changes mindsets
  • engages his audience at an emotional level to achieve enduring positive change
  • gets to the heart of organisations’ critical issues, uncovering hidden flaws that impede growth
  • achieves measurable results with an impressive Return On Investment.


His targeted interventions are always specific with solutions bespoke to each client. Nothing is generic – and delegates start adding value the moment they begin their training.

Understanding the “why” behind the “how” we behave is having a lasting effect on our clients across the globe with astonishing results!

Tom Flatau

Apply neuroscience to your business

Discover how the appliance of neuroscience in business can increase positivity, develop leadership skills, and boost sales. Tom regularly delivers his neuroscience for business programmes and keynote events internationally to a wide range of professional bodies including CIPD,  IoD, CIPS, BIFM, RICS, CIOB, ICE and CICM to name a few.

Neuroscience for business


Neuroscience for negotiatiators

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Neuroscience for leadership

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Neuroscience for business


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