Negotiation Competency Assessment

Exclusive Webinar Attendee Offer – Negotiation Competency Assessment

Make your new negotiation skills stick!

Thank you for attending Tom Flatau’s Black Belt Negotiation webinar

We are excited to offer you an exclusive and informative negotiation competency assessment followed by a 30-minute one-to-one session with Tom, to discuss the results and offer bespoke feedback to improve your negotiation skills and deal outcomes.

The benefits of the assessment and one-to-one coaching call include:

Giving you the confidence to capitalise on your negotiation strengths

Discover your blind spots and potential de-railers

Personalised advice on the areas where you are weaker

Increasing your poise in any negotiation scenario to tackle ‘tricks’ and ‘nibblers’

The chance to ask specific question about an upcoming negotiation or deal

This offer is only available for 14 daysso book now to ensure your next negotiation increases your revenue and leaves everyone ‘at the table’ with a win-win deal.


£97 + VAT

This offer is available for a limited time!


Invest in yourself

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Terms and Conditions

A one-off payment of £97 is requested.

You will receive a link to the competency test to be taken at your convenience/within 14 days.

Once completed, you will be contacted by TWI to arrange your one-to-one, via Zoom call, within 14 days of completion.

Only 2 people from the same company make take up this offer.

The offer is only available for 14 days following the webinar – after this time a charge of £300 will be made.

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