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Neuroscience of leadership

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Hundreds of people from across the globe have reaped the rewards of attending our Leadership development programme and become an asset to their organisation, boosting profits and developing great business relationships

Chosen by some of the world’s most successful corporations, including Unilever and HSBC.  We have helped them to create their future leaders, who have the skills and talent at their fingertips to drive the organisation forward with challenging business goals.

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TWI inject energy, inspiration and professionalism into their work, and this is consistently reflected in feedback from delegates, who acquire new tools and insights to bring to their work and ultimately deliver business benefit

Vic Hansen

IT Architecture Director, Unilever

Described as “powerful… vibrant… engaging… inspiring”

International speaker and consultant Tom Flatau empowers individuals and transforms futures by challenging and changing mindsets.

BAE Systems staff share feedback in this short video

Tom is regularly invited to deliver his internationally acclaimed seminars and programmes across the globe on a number of specialist topics, including Leadership, Coaching, Sales, Negotiation and Employee Engagement.

If you are interested in Tom speaking exclusively to your audience then please contact us for more information.


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