Case study


The key changes in staff following the training are still being seen by their being more proactive and taking responsibility for making things happen, confronting difficult issues without delay and spending more time with the customer and listening to their needs

Simon Hill

Training Manager, Siemens

The challenge

Siemens is one of the world’s leading suppliers of manufacturing, transportation, building and lighting systems. Their technologies are helping industry and infrastructure customers to compete more effectively and reduce their environmental footprint by optimising their productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Siemens research at Roke Manor knew they had to reduce project losses and increase profit through effective people management and better interpersonal skills. They also needed their staff to develop greater commercial awareness in a changing culture, especially skills and confidence to effectively negotiate with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

As Training Manager, Simon Hill explains: “TWI were engaged to develop and rollout an interactive programme designed to progressively build on knowledge and reinforce learning over a series of three-month intensives.”

The results

Effective people management programme helps Siemens reduce project losses and increase profit …

With the help of TWI their results were impressive and speak for themselves:

88% said the programme fully met their objectives (12% partly met)
95% rated the course contents and delivery in excess of 80%
89% would recommend the course to others (11% would recommend for particular roles)

Two months after the programme we surveyed not only the delegates but also their managers to ensure the benefits from the programme were still being realised.

The key changes still being seen in staff behaviour were:

  • Being more proactive and taking responsibility for making things happen
  • Thinking how to get the most out of people by thinking from their point of view
  • Greater self awareness and more conscious of how they come across to others
  • Confronting difficult issues without delay
  • Spending more time with the customer and listening to their needs

Such dramatic changes are down to the innovative approach by TWI, who have a proven track record of being able to deliver training that translates into workplace success.

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