Case study


I have been recommending TWI to many colleagues and companies for a long time now as I truly believe in their ability to deliver

Dina Haikel

Head of Operations, Robeco

The challenge

Robeco, a well established international asset manager, was experiencing tricky internal politics within the group that needed resolving swiftly.

Dina Haikel, Head of Operations, chose to engage TWI after being impressed by the Leadership Masterclass she attended in 2009. Dina felt strongly that she wanted her employees at Robeco to benefit from TWI’s expertise.

Our approach

Dina agreed that a Leadership Masterclass and Creative Problem Solving programme would be the best approach to address the conflict that was preventing progress within the group. (The deputy CEO with the company at that time is now a successful CEO himself and certainly benefited from the training!)

Subsequently, Dina hired TWI to deliver a further range of programmes including Communications and 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Management for employees and managers. This had a very positive impact on staff and the honesty of the whole exercise was extremely beneficial to all parties.

In addition, the Performance Management programme was especially helpful for employees who had never been exposed to the environment before and didn’t know what appraisals were about.

The successful impact TWI has had on all who attend the programmes has been great for my career, I'm delighted to have succeeded in choosing a corporate training provider that has proven success in positively impacting a wide range of business challenges across multiple sectors

Dina Haikel

Head of Operations

The results

Dina Haikel, Head of Operations, Robeco, says it best:

What makes TWI different is their personal touch, which is critical when you are doing training related to behaviour. Tom and Kole actually show interest in the people they are training and connect with them.

The fact that they are dealing with big corporate names in the GCC tells you a lot, I think everybody must notice the same thing

Dina Haikel

Head of Operations, Robeco

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