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Emirates Airline Group

We have seen substantial improvements in morale, engagement and performance. As a result our attrition rate is much lower ­ making BP2W an extremely cost-effective solution.

Brendon Noonan

SVP L&D, Emirates Airline Group

The challenge

Emirates Airlines is renowned for luxury and service excellence. Currently a leader in the aviation industry – ranking as the fourth-largest carrier worldwide – with more than 400 awards for excellence worldwide.

After stepping into his role as Senior Vice President Learning & Development, Brendan Noonan, wanted to turn his department around by addressing issues of morale and motivation. “When I went into the department there were some problems,­ people had just lost interest – part of my job was to redesign the entire department so it was a real business contributor” said Brendan.

Brendan was particularly concerned with stagnancy, internal politics, silo mentalities and unhealthy competition between managers and wanted a tool that would effectively measure employee motivation and address the gap of where they were at that moment in time and how they would get to where they needed to be.

An intuitive and interactive solution was required to not just assess the current situation, but also to allow the department to work together and mend issues in a cooperative and safe environment.

Our approach

After a meeting with TWI director Tom Flatau, Brendan was keen to initiate BP2W:

“We were looking for anything that would help us and when I saw BP2W I thought it was a great way to measure morale because there was nothing else out there that could do that ­it ticked all the boxes in terms of the people element of our strategy.”

By diagnosing exactly where employees were struggling, BP2W allowed the entire department to see where its pitfalls and weaknesses lay in a non-threatening and blame free way. In turn, members of the L&D department were able to take a proactive approach to problems, increasing ownership and communication.

Now we are in a good place where we are perceived as adding value to the business and that gets me more support and more investment in terms of what we want to do.

In addition our recruitment rates are better, people want to work for us ­ which makes our life easier. What TWI have to offer is great value for money.

Brendan Noonan

SVP L&D, Emirates Airline Group

The results

Employee engagement programme boosts overall performance by 20%

Since initiating BP2W in 2013 Brendan’s department has ranked second in happiness and morale surveys within Emirates – transforming L&D into a true business contributor with:

A 10-15% increase in morale
A 20% increase in engagement
A 15-20% increase in performance
An overall increase in effective communication and productivity

“People want to work for us”

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