From macho to growth mindset

CIOB and Leadership

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)
invited TWI to talk to their members about leadership.

Traditionally, many in the construction industry are promoted based on professional experience, but given little leadership or management training. As part of TWI’s talk, the CIOB wanted attendees to see that leadership was something that everyone can learn to be better at – it is not a given. TWI focussed on prompting really thought-provoking discussions.

Mindset and Leadership

Long story short

Helping CIOB members to become effective leaders


Long story short

Helping CIOB members to become effective leaders

The CIOB identified leadership and personal development as an area where support was needed across many of their members’ organisations. They wanted to help their members reflect and discover. TWI introduced the important role of understanding some basic neuroscience – getting them to see exactly how the brain works and how it can be rewired. Furthermore, attendees were introduced to the concept of adopting a growth mindset, in order to lead well. 

We ensured that:

  • The presentation was applicable to all members no matter their role or organisation
  • The traditional leadership cultures of ‘brash’ and ‘macho’ were challenged directly
  • Those with extensive leadership experience could reflect upon areas where they could be still more effective
  • Every attendee had a real insight into how the brain works – their own ‘lightbulb moment’
  • All members had a chance to share experiences and relevant scenarios

The challenge

Can leadership be taught?

Many believe leadership just comes naturally – once you are promoted into a senior position, you should be able to ‘just do it’, right?

CIOB Chair, Caroline Gumble, attended the seminar. She shared with us that construction leaders often feel pressured to “have all of the answers”. With day-to-day problems, they feel quick decision making is essential and it becomes habit to charge in and take control. She mentioned how often she see witnessed cliched macho behaviours in construction and building industries used in leadership. These do not lend themselves to good modern leadership.

TWI exposed how leaders can get so much more out of listening to other’s views and opinions. We proved that there are alternative ways to lead which are far more effective, including showing empathy with staff, demonstrating willingness to change and developing a leadership style based on feedback.

We introduced methods of developing trust with the team by giving team members opportunity to give their opinions before leaders stop, listen and allow for diversity of free thinking to come forward.

In their words

Tom Flatau spoke to CIOB Chair, Carolin Gumble, after the Leadership seminar to gain her views on the outcomes of the session.

The result

Get ready to have your own views challenged

The feedback of many attendees was echoed by Caroline’s thoughts when she outlined that the session had:

  • challenged your own view of your own management style
  • engaged all attendees in the exercises and got them to be reflective
  • got members to open up and disclose vulnerabilities
  • positively shown that no one is “predisposed” to being a good or bad leader
  • shown how anyone can change their mindset
  • given people genuine insight
  • gained a practical checklist to help improve their leadership success
  • identified the importance of having empathy with their staff and fellow leaders.

The future

Understanding good leadership is directly related to productivity

For those who attended the seminar, there were three key takeaways which can now be used and shared within their own organisations.

Firstly, that by adopting a growth mindset and a willingness to reflect, all could improve their leadership skills.

Secondly, the belief that good leadership can lead to double the productivity in their department – that is definitely worth investing in.

And finally, that leadership is a never-ending journey of self development and those willing to take this journey will see success not only in their own roles, but also reflected in those of their staff.

“You gave them a practical checklist that they can use in the workplace.” – Caroline Gumble
Chair at The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)