Case study


With TWI’s help, we have been able to change our people’s attitudes and behaviours … and develop a culture of working together, bridging cross-departmental barriers to form a more cohesive management team.

Tim Lancaster

Head of Technology, BBC Worldwide Ltd

The challenge

The world’s largest broadcasting organisation brought TWI in to work with senior managers across a number of departments, including BBC Worldwide, Corporate IT and the License Fee Unit.

We were tasked with achieving the following:

Boosting staff engagement

Working with senior managers responsible for delivering technical solutions for the rest of the business.  The objective was to enhance team productivity, staff morale and achieve a sense of belonging for all employees.

Creating cohesion across departments:

Bringing senior managers together to facilitate the delivery of consistent practices to make the best use of manpower and achieve clarity in decision making.

Setting the agenda for change: facilitating the integration of large-scale change throughout many departments, developing a consistent and cohesive network of teams.

I am fizzing about the potential of this … there is demonstrable activity to support that people are changing.

Kayleigh Williams

Financial Analyst, BBC

The results

Through a combination of workshops and coaching, we brought about a number of key changes for the BBC:

  • A dramatic boost in productivity
  • Better staff morale and engagement
  • Cohesion and consistent ways of working across multiple teams
  • Less duplication of effort and more efficient use of manpower
  • Reduced conflict across teams
  • Better service and enhanced customer satisfaction

Such dramatic changes are down to the innovative approach by TWI, who have a proven track record of being able to deliver training that translates into workplace success.

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