Case study

Acoulite Environmental Solutions

Over the last six months our business has gone up exponentially - by 40% compared to the previous 6 months! TWI understood our needs, understood us and all that was important to us

Tim Young

Terry Woodley, Managing Director

The challenge

Dubai based Acoulite provides state-of-the-art acoustic and lighting solutions to help businesses motivate and inspire employees and increase productivity. The Acoulite team maintains a forward-thinking approach within the business and believes prevention is better than cure with employee matters.

To embed core values and improve employee performance

Having built a strong set of corporate values for his business, Managing Director of Acoulite, Terry Woodley, wanted TWI to help put them into practice and take teamwork from good to brilliant. After an initial diagnosis it transpired Acoulite were already doing well, but small improvements were needed in the areas of communication, understanding and respect between colleagues if Acoulite was to live its values of trust, ownership, understanding, communication and honesty to the full.


Our approach

TWI used their online staff engagement tool ‘BP2W  (An Even Better Place to Work’) as the ideal solution to confidentially monitor employee feedback and increase ownership, engagement, motivation and trust – all of which were vital to improving communication and performance. Throughout the implementation of ‘BP2W’ – TWI took into account Acoulite’s values at every stage to ensure they became an integral part of the company and the team. Team exercises and workshops were prescribed to improve appreciation and respect.

99% of the people here said they really enjoyed the programme - BP2W is not just fun it also results in real productivity, which is a win-win set up!

Terry Woodley

Managing Director

The results

40% more business

Within months of starting BP2W Acoulite reaped its first results. Terry Woodley was delighted to announce a 40% boost in business. Further benefits included:

  • Full implementation of TOUCH values
  • Increased understanding and respect within the team
  • Better communication – especially in showing appreciation

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