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Rewire your brain for success

Neuroscience research is transforming the way people do business
TWI blogs share these insights to give you a better understanding of how the brain works, why we behave the way we do and how we really make decisions

Leadership blogs


Discover the true depth of human potential, develop a growth mindset and stop the fear of failure holding you back

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negotiation blogs


Can you be certain you’re avoiding the pitfalls of negotiation? Discover hidden signals you can miss when negotiating

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employee engagement blogs

Employee engagement

Use neuroscience to challenge the way your teams work together to dramatically boost performance and banish conflict

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Coaching blogs


Change comes through our own awareness – not someone else’s. Harness neuroscience to double the productivity of your people

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Dynamic sales skills


Discover the science behind what really makes people buy and tips to ensure you’re pressing your clients ‘buy buttons’

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