How are we different?

Teamworking International

How are we different?

With the right mindset organisations prosper

Our approach is completely different to any other company. We apply neuroscience to help business leaders change mindsets at all levels – with astonishing results.

While many training organisations content themselves with teaching skills, TWI aims to create more valuable human assets for your organisation. We create more inspiring leaders and powerful communicators: more effective sales people and strategically minded negotiators.

Each of our training programmes is constructed to meet real workplace needs, and built around current neuroscience and the understanding it provides of how team members, managers and outside parties interact.

Why neuroscience for business?

Neuroscience explains why so much of our behaviour is based on emotion and why despite our best endeavours we often fall short of the results we want. With even a basic understanding of how the brain works, neuroscience answers the question why should I behave like this and not like that?

When we understand why, this drives real behaviour change and a desire to truly embrace new ideas to deliver success. Even if we already know the power of emotion,  scientific explanation takes this knowledge to deeper levels. An understanding of what drives non-conscious behaviours can prevent misunderstanding and take workplace relationships to a whole new level.

Neuroscience replaces myth and pop psychology with sound scientific research. It exposes limiting beliefs, explains thinking traps and non-conscious biases so you can make wiser decisions. This means you and your leaders will be able to make better behavioural choices so your workplace becomes a motivational and fulfilling experience.

YOU have the power to rewire your brain

TWI builds customised courses for each client organisation, promising outcomes of immediate and exceptional change. Nothing is generic – and delegates start adding value the moment the training is complete.

We employ expertly conceived and proven role play scenarios and work based challenges to trigger learning through personal experience. In addition, the content of our training is customised afresh for each client organisation, ensuring that it addresses the particular context and applications in which participants are engaged.


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 Discover how TWI has helped to achieve dramatic results and greater financial reward for our clients in a selection of success stories:



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TWI’s training helped Siemens reduce project losses and increase profit with impressive results

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TWI programme brings about a dramatic shift in employee engagement levels at HSBC

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