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Passion for enhancing performance

Our approach is completely different to any other company. We apply neuroscience to help business leaders change mindsets at all levels – with astonishing results.

With TWI, you will get:

  • Training courses like no other, developed with the latest neuroscience understanding of how to truly change behaviour
  • Over 18 years of experience of providing custom-designed and client-focused courses
  • Experienced professional trainers, qualified in applied neuroscience, who can explain not just ‘what to do’ but how scientifically-proven approaches will work
  • Internationally accredited courses courses providing continual professional development
  • Training from a company trusted by large corporations globally
  • ‘Training that sticks’ through evidence-based approaches which lead to immediate change
  • Workshops involving expertly conceived role play scenarios and actual work-based challenges which reflect the day-to-day work environment
  • Great value with little decay and instead structured learning which is immediately and continually applicable
TWI accreditation


Our custom programmes are accredited and quality-assured by the UK’s prestigious Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM)

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TWI in the media


From business articles to news interviews, see how we continue to spread the message of the importance of neuroscience and the behaviour-changing approaches we offer

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TWI people

Meet the team

Meet CEO, Tom Flatau, and the team of professionals who have been helping business leaders find innovative solutions to age-old problems for decades

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What our clients say

Case studies

Our proven success

 Discover how TWI has helped to achieve dramatic results and greater financial reward for our clients in a selection of success stories:



TWI helped create cohesion, boost employee engagement and increase productivity at the BBC

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Siemens Case Study


TWI’s training helped Siemens reduce project losses and increase profit with impressive results

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HSBC case study


TWI programme brings about a dramatic shift in employee engagement levels at HSBC

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