New – Remote Working Engagement Programme


Be the best you can be when your employees need you most

Motivate. Engage. Develop.

Using our many years of experience of guiding senior leaders and team managers, we are offering a specially-created programme – Effective Remote Worker Engagement.

In 5 steps, we can help you to assess your employee engagement and feelings of fulfilment, give you methods to motivate and ensure an ongoing assessment of employee needs, during this challenging time.


Why neuroscience?

Neuroscience provides insight into human behaviour. Understanding its role allows real change and enhanced success of absorbing and applying new skills. Applied to traditional workplace activities like leadership, sales and negotiations the results are outstanding.


Our training programmes

All of our programmes are custom developed. We create trainings which are relevant to your company and ensure you meet your objectives. Our courses count towards CPD and are accredited by the prestigious Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM).


Meet Tom

Our CEO, Tom Flatau, delights in sharing his infectious motivational methods with audiences around the world, to enrich their lives and their success at work. We would love to see you at his next event.

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Powerful, vibrant & inspiring
neuroscience for business events

International speaker and consultant Tom Flatau, empowers individuals and transforms futures by challenging and changing mindsets.

Invite Tom to deliver an eye-opening presentation to your key people or check our events calendar to find a seminar near you

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Latest news

Tom Flatau writes exclusively on neuroscience for business. 
“I have a profound belief that people have way more in them than they are currently aware of. Neuroscience research has proved if we harness people’s potential, it will double their productivity.”

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